Journey to the Centre of the Memory Palace.

A Study towards an Ecology of the Soul.

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Journey To The Centre Of The Memory Palace is an exploration into the symbolic languages of ancient history.
Through the mytho-poetics contained within the entire history of the human and non-human experience, this ongoing study covers topics of esotericism, ancient architecture and cosmology, as well as philosophies relating to sound, sacred spaces and ecology.  
This project aims to contextualise, preserve, enlighten, dispel and inspire insights from the deepest archetypes of collective memory, to present mythology and folk memory as valuable tools for re-aligning the self and society towards the sacred.
Ventral is Golden is a Graphic Designer & Researcher exploring the intersections of visual culture, anthropology, symbology, folklore and the psyche. 
His notion that “every word is an image that contains the fossil of a myth” encapsulates his interdisciplinary approach to unearthing latent connections within collage, illustration and creative writing.

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Available to download on Patreon are a selection of essays in high resolution PDF format. They draw upon the works of philosophers, poets, archaeologists and anthropologists, ranging from the likes of Marija Gimbutas, Mircea Eliade, Gilles Deleuze, Henri Bergson, Manly P. Hall, Normandi Ellis, Merlin Stone, Linda Schele, Marshall McLuhan, Terence McKenna, Theodore Roszak, Barry Cunliffe, Rabindranath Tagore, Octavio Paz, Tim Ingold and many more.
The essays cover a broad selection of esotericism and ancient history, amounting to almost a decade of independent research.

For more information click one of the images or head directly over to Patreon to support this research.

Ventral is Golden © 2024
Ventral is Golden © 2024