Nature of The Trinity.

"Find your home in the haunts of every living creature." - From 'The Corpus Hermeticum'.

A series of collaborations with Zub Moodrosti, exploring the nature of nature and the underlying symbolism of religious iconography.

A visual study into the living symbols and ciphers of nature. A body of knowledge composed of a spiritual ecology, a series of temporary artworks, offerings and a triptych of collage that returns our 2000 year old inherited print culture (from woodblock to the printing press), back to the deep rooted domains of the animistic and the archetypal.

All collages are handmade with secondhand materials found in Tbilisi. 
Made over a period of 2 months in various places across Sakartvelo (Georgia) - Tbilisi, Batumi, Keda, Tskaltubo, Kutaisi.
Details: Paper collage, Land art, Paste-ups, Photography, Video, Print, Collaboration.

Ventral is Golden © 2024
Ventral is Golden © 2024