The Black Hole of Money.

Poster design for satirical play by 0x.Salon, on the ecological effects of new technologies and crypto currencies.

The artwork was inspired by the ancient cultural phenomena known as the ‘Axis Mundi’, an astronomical, geological and mythological structure with a morphological quality that exhibits self-same characteristics embedded within a geocentric comprehension of space, time, history and the cosmos.

It has been described as a tree, an infinite pillar of fire, the soul of the universe, the source of nature’s energy, the centre of the earth, the heart of sky, the milky way, but perhaps most commonly as a mythical, cosmic, fragrant, life sustaining, sacred mountain. A primeval mound that rises above chaotic seas to bind the seen and unseen realms, lokas or locations toward the centre of an action.

It is sometimes called Meru, the Sacred Mountain, the Floating Continent, the House of Knowledge, the Centre of the Wheel of Time and is used philosophically to draw connections between cycles of the universe and those of an earthly existence.

Above all else, the Axis Mundi is an atmospheric phenomenon, a thought-form within a technological environment.

Premiered in Denmark at Kulturvaerftet.

Details: Illustration & digital colouring.


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