Preliminary drawings and research for a bespoke pendant, made by the Portuguese jeweller, Miambu.

The Delphic Epsilon (double ‘E’) can be found at the Temple of Apollo, and is thought to constitute a unification of masculine and feminine aspects (water, earth, air, fire and aether) in relation to light.

⁣It is considered an occult initiation symbol relating to the Oracle of Delphi, formerly known in myth as Pythos. Here is where the high priestess named Pythia would enter into altered states to consult with Apollo on important issues.

Considered to be the centre of the world in ancient Greece, the oracle, Pythia, became one of the most powerful women in the classical world from the 7th century BC, with her sanctuary being dedicated to the primal mother goddess, Gaia.⁣
⁣Upon entrance into the Temple at Delphi, the initiate was met with two of the Delphic maxims :⁣
⁣‘Gnōthi Seauton’ - Know Yourself 
‘Mēden Agan’ - Nothing in excess.

Details: Drawings & concept.


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