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Out of the urn, the size of a man.
Out of the room, the weight of his trouble.
Out of the house, that holds a town
In the continent of a fossil.

Ventral is Golden is a collage artist, graphic designer, freelance writer, further and higher education tutor and part-time seasonal worker.

The evolution of consciousness, genetic epistemology, our relationship to 'being and time', technology, Artificial Intelligence, occult philosophy and electric media, form new psychological environments that are prominent topics of his artistic experiments, handmade collages and written essays.

The solutions and problems these topics can pose to our scientific, political and poetic realms are explored in more detailed articles on the esoteric arts & culture website Visual Melt.

The more socially applicable aspect of his research has led to the creation of Tiny Library, an egalitarian art and music project, highlighting the social function of the creative process.

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Ventral is Golden ︎︎︎ 2018