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Online / Digital residency with contemporary art gallery, Isthisit?

This one month residency lasted throughout Febreuary 2017. For each day of this month, a divination process known as the I Ching was used to access specific pages of the Internet Archive’s public domain image files. The result was an online mediation page consistng of lectures, icons, video collage and a set of tarot-like cards.

Each of these cards represented a single day in February. They contain a collage image and a collage poem, made by choosing cut-out words from the same I Ching divination process.

These digital ‘initiation cards’ are an attempt to engage the user in a meditative process and to explore the nature of eastern time-based philosphies through the western archival mind of the internet archive.

* 3 cards are lost.


Project Details: Meditation page, divination cards, digital collage.

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