Echoes From the Internet (Archive).

Digital residency project with contemporary art gallery,  Isthisit?

Project Details:

Traditionally, the Tsakali (or initiation cards) were used by cultures of pre-buddhism, as a method of sacralising space. This had an essential grounding aspect due to the shaman’s nomadic nature.

Each of these cards represents a single day in February. They contain a collage image and a collage poem, using a method of I CHING divination to source their visual and written content.

These digital ‘initiation cards’ are an attempt to engage the user in a meditative process and bring about a grounding experience, before the user enters into the ‘out of body experience’ of browsing the internet.

Whilst engaging with the online meditation space, the user can also use sound frequency therapy videos and read electric essays relating to the project.

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Ventral is Golden ︎︎︎ 2020